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Just a note to say a huge thank you for everyone’s kind messages and support thr…

Just a note to say a huge thank you for everyone’s kind messages and support through this difficult and worrying time. It has meant so much and really given the whole team at Stockley Farm a big boost. To date, no other horses on the yard have shown a rise in temperature or any clinical signs of strangles so things are looking positive. We should know for certain by the end of next week if the yard is clear so I will let everyone know the outcome and have many thank yous to make once this episode is over! Thank you to everyone again for all your kind wishes x


17 comments on “Just a note to say a huge thank you for everyone’s kind messages and support thr…

  1. Elaine Tragett

    Excellent news – fingers crossed you get the all clear. Your handling of this has been superb and I hope we all learn from this that openess and transparency is the way forwards. Just so sorry you have had to go through it

  2. Sue Thompson

    Keeping fingers crossed for you xx

  3. Ann Ring

    Fantastic news. Well done to all of the team! Hoping this week goes to plan. X

  4. Emily Nicholson

    Great news…. fingers crossed for you all xx

  5. Victoria Davis

    Stay positive fingers crossed not long to go now x

  6. Mary Dollimore

    Hope it’s an all clear xx

  7. Jane Perry

    Really hope you get the all clear very soon but even so Helen it’s a huge credit to you and all the Stockley Farm team for the honest and professional way this situation has been handled. There are a lot of yards who could learn a great deal from how well you have coped with this. Onwards and Upwards from now on.

  8. Angela Jones-Moore

    I am so pleased for you, fantastic news on the horses. Xx

  9. Sally-Ann Leaf

    Fingers crossed. xx

  10. Alice Maundrell

    Hang in there team xxx

  11. Lucie McNichol

    Great news Helen. Sorry to hear you have been hit with it. Xx

  12. Gill Horton

    Great news Helen. Fingers crossed you have the all clear. Xx

  13. Sarah Hughes

    Hope u get the all clear xx

  14. Katie Dumas

    Gosh Helen rubbish time for you 🙁 Look forward to seeing you out & about soon Xx

  15. Clare Turner

    Helen – great comms at such a time of stress and worry for you. Look forwards to seeing you out and about again asap. Xxx

  16. Sophie Hawkins

    Fingers crossed you have the all clear soon xx

  17. Sarah Cowley

    Great news. Crossing fingers for you.


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