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Today we have had a confirmed strangles case at our yard, Stockley Farm, Near Ca…

Today we have had a confirmed strangles case at our yard, Stockley Farm, Near Calne, Wiltshire. This has only affected one horse at present. Temperatures have been taken and no other horses are showing symptoms at this stage. The yard is now on shut down and we are in the process of notifying everyone that this maybe relevant to. We feel that it is very important to be open and honest to spread awareness across the horse community and maintain our professionalism to ensure it spreads no further.


23 comments on “Today we have had a confirmed strangles case at our yard, Stockley Farm, Near Ca…

  1. Sally Taylor

    Oh no, poor you guys, sorry to hear this Helen! I hope it clears up soon x

  2. Annie Bevins

    Well done Helen for spreading the news. Sorry that it has happened though xx

  3. Heidi Bates

    So sorry to hear that. Thanks for your honesty

  4. Rachel Hammond

    Poor you Helen, hope it is an isolated case and clears up soon xx

  5. Angela Jones-Moore

    I hope the horse gets well soon, thank you for the information. Xx

  6. Ann Ring

    So sorry Helen. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. X thanks for spreading the word x

  7. Daniella Hopkins

    Hope horse recovers quickly, well done for your professionalism sharing information

  8. Danielle French

    Thank you for letting us know Helen. Hope you can contain it without further problems.

  9. Sarah Bentley

    So sorry to hear this I hope the horse gets well soon. Thank you for sharing the information.

  10. Gillian Miller

    Sorry to hear this but thanks for letting people know & taking the correct action.
    For those that are concerned, there is some really useful info on the page (link below) on what to look for, precautions to take etc.
    If everyone acts responsibly we can all keep our horses safe.
    Wishing your horse a speedy recovery Helen.

  11. Hayley Cole

    Gutted to hear this Helen and hope the horse recovers quickly and the others are all ok. Total respect to you and your team for sharing this and following good prevention practice. hopefully all will be back to normal for you all asap.

  12. Poppy Clifford

    I’m sorry to hear, hope your horse has a speedy recovery! Jane and Poppy from Kingsdown x

  13. Mandy Arnold

    So sorry to hear this Helen. Hope the horse recovers quickly.

  14. Kerrie Leather

    Thank you for letting us know. Wishing you lots of love and luck that it all clears up as soon as possible xxx

  15. Tara Williams

    Thank you Helen excellent sharp action and honesty prevents any spread x

  16. Sara Beamson

    Bugger! Poor you poor horse really hope that the horse gets better soon and thank you for letting us all know xx

  17. Mel Suter

    Well done Helen, not an easy time for you but my thoughts are with you. As always you are pofessional in your handling of this . X

  18. Rebecca Jones

    Hopefully being so vigilant it will be only the one. We had it at a yard i was on and managed to contain it to just the one pony. X

  19. Philip Clarke

    Fair play Hellen that is very professional of you Thankyou for sharing and making people aware / it shouldn’t be shameful or blameful / it’s just unfortunate / horses get sick just like we do !!

  20. Ingrid Smyth

    Wishing the horse a very speedy recovery. Brings back horrible memories. Thank you for sharing information. X


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