Commitment - Ambition - Dedication

Sponsors & Supporters

Helen is an exciting opportunity for sponsorship, as her potential is immense, and her ambition and dedication are second to none.

Sponsorship opportunities are available now, and are designed to maximize branding opportunities both as an event rider and as a coach. There are currently opportunities for owners or potential owners. Helen is always happy to discuss sponsorship packages and ownership / supporters packages, so please call feel free to contact her.



Our Current Sponsors


Italian riding boots & accessories

Equiclass make beautiful and elegant handmade Italian riding boots and accessories.

Kate Negus

Quality bridlework & accessories

Their bridle equipment and accessories are just what an event riders needs – top quality and attractive.

Nick Perry

Equestrian Photography

Nick Perry has years of equestrian experience and knows just how to capture the horse at the right moment.

Arc Equine

Microcurrent Technology