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We are delighted to announce that after a full guttural pouch examination of all the horses at Stockley Farm we are clea…

We are delighted to announce that after a full guttural pouch examination of all the horses at Stockley Farm we are clear of strangles and able to resume busniess as usual.
The last few weeks have been a worrying time and we are incredibly grateful for all of the support that we have received from friends, clients, neighbours and the whole equestrian community.
It is a credit to the staff on the yard, Sarah Ebsworth, Kirstie Johnson, Tonya Hawkins, Abbey Plaice-Queen, Karen Carrell and Daniel Norris that we confined it to just the one horse. They have worked tirelessly over the past three weeks, maintaining very high bio security standards and keeping a very careful eye on all the horses to ensure no others became infected. Kerry Emms has also worked tirelessly in the office , keeping everyone informed of what has been happening and giving valuable support every step of the way.
A huge thank you to VT Vets, Helen Van Tuyll and her team have been a true support and we are hugely thankful that they were able to help us through it. They have spent some VERY long days at the yard and we really do appreciate their tremendous effort! Thank you also to neighbouring vets, Willesley and The George for offering valuable support and advice.
We are now very much looking forward to cracking on with our 2017 season and can’t wait to get out eventing next weekend 🙂
Thank you again to everyone for their support. Best wishes Helen and the whole team at Stockley Farm.


13 comments on “We are delighted to announce that after a full guttural pouch examination of all the horses at Stockley Farm we are clea…

  1. Elaine Tragett

    Fantastic news. Well done all

  2. Hannah MacDonald

    Great news, good luck with 2017 eventing now! X

  3. Emily Nicholson

    Well done Team Stockley! Xx

  4. Sarah Shore

    Fantastic xxx

  5. Miranda Loffet

    Brilliant news, so pleased for you. A very worrying time and you have all coped like true professionals xx

  6. David Sheerin

    Well done Helen & team. You have acted with complete professionalism, a lesson to be learnt by many others of whom if they acted in the same way then perhaps we may have less of a problem on our hands!

  7. Mary Dollimore

    So glad you’re all clear Helen. Have a great season x

  8. Fiona Harper

    From doom and gloom lock down to yippee and out eventing in just 4 weeks is seriously impressive and Betsy Harper and I are extremely grateful. It was fantastic to make it to Goring Heath yesterday with a very fit happy healthy horse having had visions of months of quarantine. It just shows that by being open & truthful rather than covering up this disease, it can be stopped in its tracks rather than drag on for months. Your professionalism and integrity is impressive and much appreciated as I know how stressful and exhausting it was for all concerned. I hope other less professional outfits take note. Thank you all. X

  9. Teresa Carty

    Fantastic news x xx

  10. Helen Falconbridge

    Great news! This was a worring period, but the 1st class care and communication certainly made it less stressful. Wishing everyone at Stockley a great season eventing! THANKYOU!

  11. Rachael Harvey

    Fantastic news Helen x

  12. Julia Andrews

    Excellent news and the way you handled the situation should be herald as how it should be handled by all yards going forward. Well done team stockley!!

  13. Kate Raynor

    Well done. Lovely to have you all out and about again!


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